Sports Confidential
(and  the  new  show   Carter & Jonez)

Who is Jonez...

Hello everyone,

It's me Jazmine Jonez and you have arrived on my page. First of all let me say thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it and you. Now, I know this page is a little plain, and for those of you who know me you know I am way more fab-u-lus then this. I'm a butterfly BUT because Carter is a plain gray moth with no style at all we had to keep the page simple. That's fine, I can work with this.

So, have you heard... I have a book out about my life as an aspiring sports reporter, titled The Journal of Jazmine Jonez: A Sports Confidential (it's on Amazon now). I'm so excited! A friend of mine over at the small publishing company Ground Floor Publishing talked me into publishing one of my journals. It's the one I started right after graduating college. It's a coming of age story.

How awesome is that. The best part about it if you want to read it you can buy it and download it to your kindle or ipad or whatever digital device you have. Allowing you immediate access to the book.
Remember, if you read my book let me know what you think on my facebook (jazjonez3000) or send me a tweet (JazJonez3000) or email me. I would love to hear from you and get your opinion. I'm super nervous about it but excited all at the same time. 

Who would have ever imagined that my story would make a good coming of age story. It's not real glamorous, like you know I can be nor is it real heavy, which you know I hate. It's just a run of the mill story with lots of drama, intrigue and deception--  and lots of partying and sex! LOL. Kidding. But the way they took and separated my daily entries was phenomenal. I love it and now you can read it for yourself.

OH... you have heard about the "Carter & Jones" TV series I have coming up, right? That should be a riot. It's going to take you inside the lives Carter and myself, at the office, on the set of our show "Sports Confidential" and at home. It's going to be crazy so be sure to check back here for all the latest information on the show and its progress.

You know I appreciate you!!

Ttyl my friends ~ Jaz Jonez 

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