Sports Confidential
(and  the  new  show   Carter & Jonez)

Who is Carter...

Unfortunately Carter is going through some things at the moment and unavailable to personally comment on his status right now. Please check back soon to find out all about him, in his own words.

But Jonez had a few words she's like to say about her cohort Carter:

Hi it's Jazmine Jonez here with a few choice words about my main man Carter... you know the reason he couldn't speak on here is because whatever he said can and will be held against him in a court of law! lol. He's in trouble is what I'm basically say. He's always in some sort of mayhem because he's a deadbeat, player wanna-be, who still think he's cute even though he's pushing 40 and for the record... I can't stand him! I just have this to say to him if he reads this... GET OUT OF MY CONDO, BRUH!!  Yeah, that's what I have to say since you asked. Be sure to visit my page, friends! Peace!! 

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