Sports Confidential
(and  the  new  show   Carter & Jonez)


Allow a little background on our series "Carter & Jonez"

Carter & Jonez
, a half hour situation comedy about two sports
reporters of color (Mr. Walt Carter and Ms. Jazmine Jonez) who are forced to work together on a sports broadcast and live under the same roof. 

Walter Carter
(lead talent)
Is a relatively young (in his early 30s), attractive, retired pro athlete turned sports analyst under 50 so his challenge is trying to establish himself as a relevant
force to be reckoned with.

Jazmine Jonez
(lead talent)
Is a beautiful woman of color pushing 30 years of age, whose challenge is to stay relevant in an industry that views women in or close to their 30 as over the hill.
These two are fighting the stereotypes of their industry, the natural
progression of life and themselves (their feelings towards one another).
To view scenes from the Carter & Jonez test pilot (Sports Confidential segment) online visit:

For more information on this project please contact:

S. Michelle Blackwell (writer/producer)
BDP Entertainment, llc. (production company)

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